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The butts of all the sports jokes [entries|friends|calendar]
MAST Academy Athletics

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[24 Jan 2005|01:15pm]


have fun, all. why not?
*** yell GO MAKOS!***

please go and show your support [23 Jan 2005|03:56pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

What: Lady Makos Soccer Districts

Who: Mast vs. St. Brendan

Where: La Salle

When: Wednesday, Jan 26 @ 7 pm

Why go? because they're going to win and it will be an amazing game.


***3 cheers echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

[08 Jan 2005|02:05pm]


I want to let all of you know that next friday, the MAST Girl's Soccer team is playing LaSalle. Everyone should come out to watch us. There is no school that day and midterms are over, so I want to see a huge crowd out there!

When: Friday January 14. 4:00 PM
Where: Village Green (on the key)

please come support us!

*** yell GO MAKOS!***

volleyball districts... [17 Oct 2004|05:31pm]

[ mood | horny ]


six p.m...

against st. brendan...

at la salle...

go. (please?)


*** yell GO MAKOS!***

[28 Sep 2004|12:32am]

You Know... I have never posted to this damn thing.. but i must say, I do like the colors! However I may have a slight bais! Go Gators!
*** yell GO MAKOS!***

je-A [27 Sep 2004|10:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

that’s right bitches. new school record today. keep it coming. :o)

*** yell GO MAKOS!***

[21 Sep 2004|10:02pm]

[ mood | awake ]

volleyball game tomorrow at 4.
we kicked the team's collective ass in the first game of the season. so it should be a nice grudge match.

come be fans.

pep ralley tomorrow, as well. be... peppy? no, cause then these poeple are convinced they're a good idea. so be... antipepped. take some nyquil or something.

***2 cheers echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

[21 Sep 2004|09:20pm]

MAST swimming team beat Varela and Gables today at meet and we got cake after meet

Thursday, Meet against Reef
*** yell GO MAKOS!***

[20 Sep 2004|11:23pm]

Pep Rally wednesday during activities period
***1 cheer echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

Yeah... [18 Sep 2004|11:15am]

I was searching for stuff and I noticed that mast had their own community so I joined, cause I am bored (not to be rude). I go to mast and Im on the swim team and stuff, yea It cool.
Hmmm... thats about it


PS add me if u go to mast, and even if u dont
*** yell GO MAKOS!***

lady MAKOS lady MAKOS lady makos on three 1... 2... 3... [05 Sep 2004|12:19pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

so for those of you who might NOT have heard, MAST's very own girls volleyball team slaughtered LaSalle's in our very first game of the season.

it was beautiful.

ill be posting the complete volleyball schedule soon so we can get some fucking SUPPORT at our games, get readyy to come on out.


*** yell GO MAKOS!***

girl's volleyball [06 Aug 2004|09:18pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hey kids. This is Aysha for those of you who didn't know. I'm posting to inform those interested that girl's volleyball practice starts Monday, August 9 from 10-12 at MAST. Annie was planning to call everyone but she is going away for the weekend so instead she asked me to get in touch with everyone. I won't be able to reach everyone because I don't have everyone's number so if you guys can inform those that you know are interested it would be greatly appreciated. Just spread the word to your friends and hopefully it will get around. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment, email me, im me, call me...whatever.

Take care, Aysha. <3

***5 cheers echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

athletic orientation [22 Jul 2004|09:55pm]

Hey, just letting you know that the athletic orientation will held on thursday August 12th at 7pm. at school. The Physicals will be done on saturday August 14th at 8am. Those plan to play any sport need to be there, without a physical your not be allowed to participate in any sport.
<3 Eileen
***1 cheer echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

go makos! [21 Jun 2004|12:34am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ok, the official sports community of MAST academy is up, and here it is...

keep updated on sports events, scores, good coaches, bad coaches, parties, wins, losses, vents, etc.
be an athlete, or be an athletic supporter...
and be sure to check out the lady makos volleyball cafepress store through the website link.

so everyone should join and post and read, itll be good.

***1 cheer echo through my mind when they yell GO MAKOS!***

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